Thursday, August 19, 2010

Welcome to our Experiment!

I was sitting at work today doing not much of anything when an idea popped into my head. I decided that it would be cool and interesting and maybe fun if me and boy Kyle decided to create a blog together. I ran this idea by boy Kyle and he thought it would be a fun experience but we would need to have an angle. So after much brain storming he came up with the idea that we can do something different and new every week and tell the world about our experience. At this moment boy Kyle is coming up with a list of rules that we need to follow.
Rule 1: It has to be either something we've never done before or something that we haven't done in the past three years.
Rule 2: Everything must be documented with photos and/or video.
Rule 3: There must be at least one new experience per calender week.
We are definitely open to suggestions so if you can come up with anything that we can try then please tell us. (Try to keep it PG-13 though, my mom could be reading this.)
You can write to us with your suggestions at We plan to start the first week of September. Formal introductions will be forthcoming.
~Girl Kyle


  1. YAY! I'll be your first follower! :)

  2. Excellent idea! Now my question is, which Kyle is first in the title?

  3. The beauty of having the same first name is that we can both pretend that we're the first Kyle. (But of course we all know that it's me.)

  4. I'm not saying anything except that the phrase "why is it boy and girl Kyle?" did occur.

  5. Hi Kyles! I think you two should go to a wine tasting. How about playing babysitter for your two nephews?


  6. How about you, me, and Kyle go wine tasting and Mike can watch Jack and Ryan :)